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Sydney, Mosman

Max's mission is to help people to get fitter, stronger, helthier.

He wants to make a  lifestyle change that will educate you on how to exercise and fuel your body to burn fat and build the body you’ve always wanted.

With the sedentary life of today the metabolism slow down and we put on weight day by day.

Muscles start to be tight and week, with the result to have a body always more aching.

Joints and back are in pain and we get tired even with simlple home jobs.

He is here to bring your body back to the origins.


He has been playing basketball for 15 years, it's been a great love.

He decided to become a Personal Trainer to improve my body first, resolving few issues with my back, working on my core to protect my lower back, activating muscles I've never known the existence.

He worked in different country like Italy, UK, Australia, meeting many people, colleagues, clients, learning every day how to handle different scenarios.


London, Wandsworth

Jack started his journey to become a Personal Trainer learning from his coaches and studying on his own until he decided to attend a PT course with YMCA fitness and now he is a qualified Personal Trainer.

Black Belt 3rd Dan Taekwondo ITF; he has been practicing Taekwondo for more than 10 years and helped as assistant instructor for 5.

Taekwondo competitions; he has attended more than 20 competitions in Italy and Ireland between the year 2007 and the year 2013 including 3 Italian National Championship where he has won 3 bronze medal in sparring and 1 bronze medal in patterns.

Running; he has ran marathons (personal record 2h59’44”) and half-marathons (personal record 1h27’10”) as well as competed in several other shorter distance races all around Italy.

Coaching amateur runners; he has followed, studied and then created specific training programs for running long and medium distances that he has used to improve his performances and help other runners.


Sydney, Manly

Sara has been an active person for all of her life.

Her interest for the fitness industry started to grow over 10 years ago: thanks to a Personal Trainer, who coached her over those years, she started learning about fitness and nutrition.

The interest became a real passion and Sara completed her Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sport Science. In her studies she learned how to understand the body in detail, how every individual has different requirements and how to prepare personalised training programs.

When in Italy she also met amazing yoga teachers, several other awesome trainers which made various her training background: through their teachings, she improved her knowledge and refined many different forms of exercise. "Being "fit" is about creating harmony in life through physical movements with things you are passionate about".

Her purpose in life is to help people to achieve their fitness results, motivating and guiding them to become stronger and healthier. Her training path will push everyone to overcome their limits, getting them into the best shape ever in a safe and fun environment.

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