Fit Camp

A fit camp is a high intensity workout composed by a mix of strenght and aerobic exercises.

One of the facts that makes it so well liked is that it can be done anywhere: in a gym, at home or in the park.

The goal of fit camps is to offer an opportunity to build strength and endurance at one time.

Resons why fit camps attract so many people are:

  • Challenging and varied workout
  • Little or no equipment required
  • Creating a sense of challenge between partecipants
  • Possiblity to build frienships

What do we offer?

Our certified Personal Trainers give you the opportunity to get fitter in your local area.

We offer great fit camps at your favourite location.

No matter where you live, we train you.

Single session

£ 30

20 sessions

£ 420

10 sessions

£ 240

20% OFF

30% OFF

(2 people minimum, price per person)

Book now and get your first FREE session!


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