Group Training

If you and a friend or family member have similar fitness levels and enjoy working out together, group training is the perfect way to reach your goals quickly!

We offer personalised group training, and not only do you benefit from tailored training whilst having fun with a buddy, you split the cost making it a cost-effective way to do personal training.

Resons why group trainng attracts so many people are:

  • Challenging and varied workout
  • Little or no equipment required
  • Creating a sense of challenge between partecipants
  • Possiblity to build frienships

What do we offer?

Our certified Personal Trainers give you the opportunity to train in your local area.

We offer great group training at your favourite location.

No matter where you live, we train you.

Single session


20 sessions


10 sessions


20% OFF

30% OFF

(2 people minimum, price per person)

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