DRIVE ME FIT Personal Training is the most succesful and energetic fitness and fat loss workout program that includes motivation and accountability.

All designed to get you the body you want.


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A personalised training program is what you need to achieve your  fitness goals, but the nutrition plays a crucial role if you want to succeed.

 These 8 recommendations will make your body transformation more simple and results will last longer.


What can you expect from Drive Me Fit?



Whether you’re new to working out or you’re an experienced fitness buff, with DRIVE ME FIT coaching, supervision and a unique, customised step-by-step fitness plan you’ll get the best possible results. All workout programs at DRIVE ME FIT are  dynamic, affordable and life changing.


Awesome food recipes

Let’s be honest, counting calories is difficult, right? DRIVE ME FIT will provieds  a selection of over 30 tasty and easy-to-prepare recipes that will help you become leaner. You’ll be able to eat more food than you ever thought possible. And you won’t need to count calories any more.


Weekly training plan

Exercising on your own is hard when you don’t know what to do. Once you start training with DRIVE ME FIT, you’ll be given a tailored  fitness program to guide you  even during your own workout to keep you on track so you’ll never run out of exercise plans.


Below you will find real people with real stories about their life, story, and experience with Drive Me Fit

I'm very happy to have chosen Max as my Personal Trainer. He's very professional and passionate for his job. So you will immediately feel extremely comfortable to work with him. I am mainly concentrated in a total body workout focusing on toning, which so far Max has taking me through a variety of exercises and explained me how important our posture and technique are to not get injuried. Also, Max will always be available to answer you any question, doubt or any advise you could need outside the training sessions. I definitely recommend Max to anyone who needs support and motivation to achieve their goals.



Amazing personality combined with expertise and passion for great results. That's how I would define training out with Max. My goal is to gain strength and build muscular mass for the lower body and it's been a fantastic journey so far! It's all about having fun whilst staying in a good shape. Looking forward to our collaboration!! No pain no gain.


Ana Maria

Max has helped me so much and has transformed my life completely, I feel much more healthy and a lot more better about myself and my lifestyle, I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Personal Trainer, a lovely guy, easy to get on with and it is an amazing experience



I'm very happy to had Massimo as my Personal Trainer. He helped me so much that I reach a goal that I thought I would never reach. He is so supportive and professional that you can start feeling the difference from the first day. I strongly recommend Max if you are looking for a great Personal Trainer.



About Max

Your driver, the creator of Drive Me Fit

Hi, my name is Massimo and I'm a Personal Trainer.

I started my career in Italy, moving then to London and I'm based now in Australia.

Drive Me Fit represents me, my passion, my profession and my aim to help people to lose weight and to improve their muscle tone.

I'll drive you to the body you want in a safe and fun way, giving you the motivation and the energy you need.

Start to get into shape, to lose fat, to get toned, to get stronger and healthier.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, all my workout programs are modified to fit your goals and your individual fitness level. Personalisation is the key to get the best result in the minimum time.

Nutrition advices will be given to make sure results will come quickly and they will last longer.

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